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📓 Independent Capstone Project Sign-Up and Proposal

In the last course section, we asked you to begin brainstorming project ideas for your capstones. In the next course section, you will be expected to sign up for a project and submit a proposal. We'll review the expectations and deadlines for each assignment in this lesson.

Selecting a Project

Once you've decided on a project you will be required to complete two tasks:

  1. Share your capstone idea on your cohort's designated "capstone sign-up" whiteboard or online doc, and
  2. Complete your capstone proposal as part of your React with Redux code review.

Capstone Sign-Up

The capstone sign-up is public for everyone in your cohort to see, similar to the team week project sign-up that you've done in the past. Generally speaking for the capstone sign-up, you will write your name, language or framework, and a one-sentence summary of your project on the designated whiteboard or online doc. Your instructor will have additional details about what information they would like you to share, so follow their directions.

Note, signing up for your capstone doesn't mean that all of the details of your project should be fully developed. However, it does mean that you at least need to know which project idea you are going to work on and be able to describe the scope of the project. The goal is have a project idea picked out before you starting working on your capstone project during the first of your dedicated class time (the React with Redux code review).

If you are still undecided by the sign up deadline, reach out and let your instructor know immediately so you can plan a meeting to chat about it.

Capstone Project Proposal

You will complete your project proposal (using the template below) and turn it in as part of your React with Redux code review. You are welcome to work on this early, if you are able. Make sure to review the homework on Minimum Viable Products before drafting your proposal. Knowledge of MVPs will be required to complete the questions in the template.

Double-check your work for spelling, typos and punctuation, and use professional language and technical terms as you would in a project proposal completed for a supervisor or manager.


The capstone sign-up:

  • Full-time and part-time students will sign up for their capstones at the start of the React with Redux course section.

The capstone proposal:

  • Full-time and part-time students will turn in their capstone proposal as part their the React with Redux code review.

Project Proposal Template

Name of Student:

Name of Project:

Project's Purpose or Goal: (What will it do for users?)

List the absolute minimum features the project requires to meet this purpose or goal:

What tools, frameworks, libraries, APIs, modules and/or other resources (whatever is specific to your track, and your language) will you use to create this MVP? List them all here. Be specific.

If you finish developing the minimum viable product (MVP) with time to spare, what will you work on next? Describe these features here: Be specific.

What additional tools, frameworks, libraries, APIs, or other resources will these additional features require?

Is there anything else you'd like your instructor to know?