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📓 Team Week Presentations and Code Review

Trade Show Presentations

Today, teams will give an informal presentation and demonstration of their project to staff and students at their work stations. Determine how you want to present and demonstrate your work. Each team member may speak or a spokesperson may be designated for the group.

Your instructor will organize the format, length, and requirements for presentations. Plan to spend about 5 minutes covering the following information:

  • Team Members — Who worked on the project?

  • Project Name and Objective — Why did you choose this project? What purpose does it fulfill?

  • Demonstration — Show and describe the features of your work.

  • Process — Describe how the team development process worked in your group.

  • Challenges — Share the biggest challenges you faced.

Also, allow a bit of time for any questions your audience may have.

Team Week Code Review

Group projects count as one of your required code reviews, and must be submitted through Epicenter. Remember, successful completion of each code review is required to pass the course. Additionally, transcripts depicting your performance on all code reviews will be sent to internship companies.

Your presentation at the Trade Show will take the place of a one-on-one code review with your instructor. You will receive feedback directly through Epicenter.


Your code will be reviewed for the following objective:

  • Participation in creating and presenting a project; including collaborating effectively with teammates.


Each team member should have a copy of the project repo on their own GitHub account. Then, each team member needs to submit the link to the project's GitHub repository to the Team Week code review on Epicenter by the deadline:

  • Friday at 5 pm for full-time students.
  • Sunday at 8 am for part-time students.

It's easy to forget to submit by the deadline. Because of this, we suggest submitting your code review before the end of class after the trade show is finished.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews lesson for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.