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✏️ To Do List, Car Dealership, Parcels, Job Board - Part 1

Goal: Continue familiarizing yourselves with the ASP.NET Core MVC framework, paying special attention to the difference between GET and POST requests and creating multi-controller applications.

Warm Up

  • Why is it a good idea to use multiple controllers?
  • Where does a controller automatically look for its corresponding views?
  • What's the difference between a GET and POST request?
  • Describe an example of a GET request.
  • Describe an example of a POST request.


To Do List Continued

Work through the homework lessons and complete the To Do List application.

Car Dealership

Create a car dealership application that allows users to add new cars through a nicely-formatted web interface.

  • Make sure the Car class is well-tested. Try including both public properties and a private field.

  • Think carefully about how to use a static property to track all cars that have been created. (In the To Do List example, we added Items to a list using the keyword this. For this exercise, we are dealing with Cars instead. How should we declare _instances in this case? What kind of data type should we use?


Following the guidelines below, create a website for a fictional shipping company that helps users calculate shipping estimates:

  • Create a Parcel class and test it thoroughly. It should contain a constructor, and getters and setters for each property. You should be able to create a new parcel and specify the dimensions and weight in the arguments.

  • Create a website where the user can submit a form with the dimensions and weight of a Parcel, and you can use the data in the form to instantiate a Parcel object and display its dimensions and weight.

  • When you call a method called Volume() on a Parcel instance, it should return the product of the sides.

  • When you call a CostToShip() method on your parcel, return a cost based on a formula you make up.

  • Display the cost to ship and the volume of a Parcel with its dimensions in your site.

  • Bonus: Add validation and make sure the Parcel object is not created if any of the form fields are blank. Display an error message instead. Also make sure your user can only enter numbers into the form.

Job Board

Create a job posting board where a user can create instances of a JobOpening class representing local positions.

  • It should include properties for a title, description, and contact info for the person posting the job.

  • It should allow users to create new JobOpenings by submitting a form.

  • The application should also list all openings for users to view.

  • Users should also be able to click on a specific JobOpening from the list to view details.

If you're feeling fancy, make the contact info into an object with its own class declaration. Hint: A Contact object would include properties like a name, email and phoneNumber, and you would want to store it inside the JobOpening object.

For every model you create, make sure each is thoroughly tested.

Peer Code Review

  • Is Razor markup syntax used correctly?
  • Are routes and route decorators clearly named? Is the code in each route easy to read and understand?
  • Is code separated into different controllers if necessary?
  • How well does the site work?
  • Are clear and complete instructions for setting up the project included in the README?