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📓 Journal #13

You were asked to keep a journal while going through the program. Each weekend you'll receive a brief journaling assignment in addition to your coding homework. (Review the Journaling at Epicodus lesson for a refresher.)

Journal #13 Prompt

Think critically about the following questions, and record brief yet honest responses. Include a date or timestamp and quick summary of the prompt to refer to later.

Last section, we identified our core values, especially as they relate to personal narratives. This section we'll continue developing that narrative as we explore how these values inform our career goals.

  • Revisit your journal response from last section. What did you identify as your three core values? Jot them down again.

  • In past journal prompts, we explored how past work and education experiences relate to our career goals, even if those past experiences weren't related to coding. How were your core values relevant and evident in those experiences?

  • Then reflect on your current experience at Epicodus. How have your core values influenced it? (Did your value of Ambition lead you to enroll? Or perhaps your value of Resourcefulness has made you a super efficient problem solver?)

  • Next, refer to your response from the section nine journal prompt. In that prompt, we began identifying the type of work we may seek after graduation. Are these goals still accurate? If not, update them. Then record how your values relate to these goals too.

  • Finally, weave your responses to the previous three questions into a couple brief sentences that depict how your values have informed past experiences, present time at Epicodus, and future career goals. (For instance, if your values include community, and your career goals include coding for a company that does good in the world, you might say: "I've always been passionate about forging partnerships to build stronger communities. This is why I studied social work in college, and have spent several years working for non-profits. It's also why I'm specifically interested in working for a company that brings people together with technology, to create and foster community."

And there you have it! Just like that, we've created a summary or thesis statement for our personal narrative. We'll continue developing, fine-tuning and workshopping this initial narrative throughout the next few journal prompts too.


We'll discuss our responses at our next class session. Make sure your responses are recorded before then!