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📓 Installing C# and .NET

First we'll install .NET, which provides access to the C# language. Follow along with instructions for your operating system below.

Installing the .NET SDK

C# and .NET programming are fully supported on Mac operating systems. We can install .NET and C# on Mac, Windows, or Linux in a few steps:

  1. If you use a Mac computer, you need to determine whether your computer was made with the Apple Chip or Intel Chip, because there is a different SDK to download for each chip. Follow this Apple support article to learn whether your computer has an Apple chip or Intel chip.

  2. Download the .NET 6 SDK (Software Development Kit). To view all download options for the .NET 6 SDK, visit this page. Or, click on any of the following links for an immediate download from Microsoft:

  1. Open the file. This will launch an installer which will walk you through installation steps. Use the default settings the installer suggests.

  2. Confirm the installation is successful. First, restart your command line shell (Terminal or GitBash) if it's already open, and then run the command $ dotnet --version. You should see something like this in response:


This means both .NET and C# are successfully installed and your computer recognizes the dotnet command.

In the next two lessons, we'll install dotnet-script and MySQL.