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📓 Journal #10

You were asked to keep a journal while going through the program. Each weekend you'll receive a brief journaling assignment in addition to your coding homework. (Review the Journaling at Epicodus lesson for a refresher.)

Journal #10 Prompt

Think critically about the following questions, and record brief yet honest responses. Include a date or timestamp and quick summary of the prompt to refer to later.

In this section, we've reached the halfway point in our coursework. Let's take a momentary break from our exploration of jobs that interest us to explore how we can make the most out of our remaining time here.

  • Looking back on your experience in the previous ten course sections, what do you think helped you learn tough new concepts the most? (Taking notes while completing homework? Making sure to talk through everything verbally with your partner? Something else?) Jot down anything that comes to mind.

  • Similarly, think back to your most successful pairing experiences. What common traits did they share? (Did you make sure to check periodically to ensure neither partner felt overwhelmed? Talk through everything before making decisions?) Record anything that comes to mind.

  • Determine how you can intentionally apply the beneficial tactics and approaches you identified above to the rest of your time here. Both in your own learning, and in your pairing experiences. Write down at least three things you can do to maximize your time in both for your own learning and with your partners. Try to format these as goals. For example: "I will take notes on every night's homework, even if they're brief" or "I will make a conscious effort to break down concepts by talking through them, since I know that helps me learn best.")


We'll discuss our responses at our next class session. Make sure your responses are recorded before then!