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📓 Journal #2

You were asked to keep a journal while going through the program. Each weekend you'll receive a brief journaling assignment in addition to your coding homework. (If you'd like a refresher, review the Journaling at Epicodus lesson now.)

Journal #2 Prompt

Spend several moments thinking critically about the following questions, and record brief yet honest responses. Remember to include a date or timestamp and a brief summary of the prompt to refer back to later.

You've already spent at least 40 hours programming in class. (Not counting any additional hours outside of class). In the first section you've undoubtedly already experienced both breakthroughs and victories, and frustrating bugs. This is all simply part of programming! And when facing those bugs and issues, all programmers have to ask for help sometimes. Even the most senior developers face bugs they can't seem to solve alone, and/or need a second pair of eyes on their code.

  • Think about asking for help in the classroom. Are there times when it's easier or harder for you to ask for assistance from a peer? What about a teacher?

  • What factors make it harder to ask for help? Why do these stand in your way?

  • What can you do to minimize or eliminate these factors? In what ways could you practice sharing your problem solving process throughout the week?


We'll briefly discuss our journal responses to these questions with partners in class. Make sure your responses are recorded before the start of the section!