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📓 Journal #5

You were asked to keep a journal while going through the program. Each weekend you'll receive a brief journaling assignment in addition to your coding homework. (Review the Journaling at Epicodus lesson for a refresher.)

Journal #5 Prompt

Spend several moments thinking critically about the following questions, and record brief yet honest responses. Include a date or timestamp and quick summary of the prompt to refer back to later.

For most of you, your time at Epicodus thus far is probably your first deep dive into coding, programming, and web development. But that doesn't mean you're only now beginning to practice skills technical employers will find valuable!

Students occasionally assume they can only reference experiences that occurred during or after they started coding in developer interviews. But that's completely untrue! While undoubtedly important, coding ability is not the only skill employers look for. Less technical abilities and skills — things like communication and collaboration, general work ethic and problem solving ability, etc. — are also incredibly important.

Now that we've advanced past Intro, our journal prompts will focus less on the skills necessary to succeed here in the classroom, and begin looking toward our future job hunt and technical career success. This in mind, let's begin considering how we can draw upon our past work experience to succeed in our future technical careers by answering the following prompts:

  • Jot down brief examples and stories of times you've demonstrated aptitude in the following areas. These examples don't have to be related to coding or Epicodus.

    • Problem solving, both technical and not.
    • Time management, especially when under multiple deadlines.
    • Team collaboration and communication.
    • Leadership.
    • Fostering and contributing toward an inclusive, productive environment.
    • Setting and meeting goals.
    • Tackling tough problems or tasks, learning and researching as you go.
  • Along these same lines, think about other jobs and work you've done. How do they relate to the coding work you've done here at Epicodus, even if they're non-technical in nature?


We'll discuss our responses at our next class session. Make sure your responses are recorded before then!